Youth Network- An open forum for students to gather, think, discuss, and most importantly, create.

The purpose of the twitter account and this Wikispace is to make it easier for students around the world to use the internet to collaborate, and create networks for themselves. There will be no administrative guidance here: it is all students, complete freedom, and no censorship.

This network can and should be used for anything creative; there are no limitations of what you can do. Make art projects, make a video projects, start a revolution, start a mail art chain, make a political statement, write a collaborative book, exchange ideas between schools, bring a little of the world into school assigned projects, learn from each other etc etc. Do it because you love it, not because it's graded.

Feel free to edit this at your will. Add new pages for your projects. Add your name and your information in the World Connection page. Start discussions. Do whatever you want.

Pedagogical (school/projects) Forum:


Computer Science



Foreign Languages

History+ Social Studies


Music (Theory and Composition)



Intrepid Classroom

Extra Forum:

General Hobbies

National Honors Society

Martial Arts

Model United Nations

Music (anything other than Theory and Composition)

Speech and Debate


Web 2.0